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3 Things to remember when giving Kids Surf Lessons

kids surf lessons in kona, hawaii

Teaching adults how to surf can be difficult sometimes however teaching kids surf lessons can be downright tricky. Every parent wants their kid to excel in whatever they do and learning to surf is no different. If you want your child to love the ocean and surfing, it is important that you give them a positive experience from the start.

Here are 3 things to remember when giving kids surf lessons.

Be Patient

kid surfing a wave in kona hawaii

Teaching kids how to surf is one of the most rewarding things you can do. The smile on their face as they ride their very first wave is almost as good as riding a wave yourself. However, kids are going to make mistakes and most likely they won’t be turning pro after their very first surf lesson. Surfing is a lifelong journey and requires many years to become proficient. This is why it is so important to be patient while teaching kids to surf.

For some kids, their motor skills haven’t quite developed or their coordination may be off. Some kids go through extreme growth spurts and have not quite adjusted to their body type yet making their balance a little awkward. Maybe they have grown up in an area where there is no ocean and are not comfortable with breaking waves. It is important to keep these things in mind when teaching kids to surf.

If they have a bad wipe out or swallow some water, give them as much time as they need to calm down before encouraging them to paddle out and take another wave. By offering patience and understanding, you take away the pressure to perform well, making for a better experience.

Choose the right spot, waves and equipment

tandem surfing lesson with kid

There is no better way to discourage a kid from surfing than to take them out on a really big day and let them get wiped out by a scary wave. This is why it is so important carefully pick the right spot to try surfing for the first time. Choose a nice sandy beach where the wave breaks slowly and offers a nice ride close to the shoreline. If surfing over a rocky bottom, make sure they wear reef shoes to protect their feet from getting scratched up during a wipeout.

Choosing the right waves to ride is crucial to a kids surfing success. Start off in very tiny waves that offer little push and let them get comfortable standing on the board. After a few successful rides, they will probably be begging to get a bigger one. Let them know that they are in control of the waves they want to ride. If they say it’s TOO BIG, then don’t push them into that one. Building trust between you and the child will help them feel more comfortable and safe in the surf.

From a safety standpoint, choosing the right surfboard is very important when teaching kids how to surf. You don’t want to put your kid on an old 50 lb surfboard that will drag them through the water when they wipeout. Soft top surfboards are a great option for kids learning to surf. They are light, stable and easy to paddle which will help build up confidence in the water.

Let them make mistakes

kid falling on wave while surfing in kona, hawaii

Just like life, surfing is all about making mistakes and learning from them. It is okay for kids to make mistakes while learning to surf just as long as we provide helpful feedback to them afterwards. Being over critical about every little detail can turn a kid away from surfing in a heartbeat. Surfing is meant to be fun so take it easy and don’t get upset if they don’t get the hang of it right away.

As parents we want to teach our kids whatever we can, when we can. However sometimes it is best to seek outside guidance. We specialize in teaching kids of all ages how to surf in a fun, safe and positive environment. If you are thinking about introducing your child to the ocean and surfing we encourage you to give us a call.

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