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How to Choose the Right Surfboard

Surfing Infographic

Choosing the right surfboard can be tough. We have made a helpful surfing infographic to help you decide which surfboard is right for you and the surf conditions.

Fish Surfboard– This is a great board for small mushy waves. The wide design and flat rocker allow you to surf quickly on very small waves. The “Retro-Fish” surfboard should be in every surfers quiver if you  want to surf everyday.

Shortboard Surfboard– The shortboard is the most common style surfboard rode by advanced and professional surfers. Its narrow design and steep rocker allow the surfer to maneuver quickly and generate lots of speed. The shortboard is not a good option for beginner surfers due to its lack of stability and paddling power. This board is a good option when the waves are more power and size.

Hybrid Surfboards– These are the “have you cake and eat it too” type of surfboards. The wide body allows for stability while the pulled in tail and steeped rails allow for maneuverability. These are good surfboards for beginners who want to transition into riding a shortboard. Hybrid surfboards work well in small to medium size surf.

Funboard Surfboards– These boards combine the maneuverability of a shortboard with the paddling power of a longboard. While you cant make sharp, radical turns on a funboard, you can certainly have some fun catching just about every wave you paddle for. The funboard is a good option for beginner surfers who want to steer away from the giant longboards. The funboard is a go-to option for small to medium size surf.

Longboard Surfboards– The longboard is probably one of the easiest surfboards to ride. Its extra length and width give it tons of stability and paddling power. When the surf is really small, you should always grab a longboard. They allow you to surf small waves and ride them for a long time.

Soft-Top Surfboard– If you are taking a surf lesson or have surfed only a hand full of time, then the soft-top longboard is what you want. They are stable, paddle easy and most importantly, they are SAFE! The best area to surf with a soft-top surfboard is in the whitewash until you get comfortable with catching waves.

The surfing infographic picture above shows what each surfboard looks like and a brief description of what it does and the common dimensions for each board.






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