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Best Surfing Locations

Best Surfing Locations in Kona Hawaii

Surfing has always been a recreational pass-time activity filled with adrenaline-pumping action and waves. If you’re looking for the perfect and popular surf spots, look no further than Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Centrally located on the main island of Hawaii, Kailua Kona offers some of the best reef breaks and tropical scenery for all tourists and surfers. To help get your surfing groove on, we discuss some of the best surfing locations in Kona Hawaii and what makes them superb for catching waves.

Kahalu’u Bay

Kahalu’u Bay has featured some of the most integral parts of Hawaiian history and its marvelous scenery. It stands out as one of the best surf spots among the region, including its gorgeous waters and tranquil atmosphere.

Furthermore, surfers seeking a magical experience can consider going on a Kahalu’u Bay surf filled adventure with eccentric coral life, fish, and beautiful reefs. One particular feature about Kahalu’u is the beach park with many tourist maps referring to it as “Snorkel Beach” due to its increasing popularity for snorkeling.

More so, the coves within the area are ideal for beginner surfers to practice, as the aquatic life and soft waves pose no harm to first-time learners. The coral rock walls keep strong currents and predators from reaching the shore.

Honl’s Beach

Located in the western region of Kailua Kona, Honl’s Beach offers some of the most famous surf breaks in the area, making it an ideal surfing location for all seasoned surfers. Honl’s Beach has been known as a popular venue for all bodyboarding contests and boogie boarding activity.

Covered in pine trees and majestic aqua life, Honl’s Beach offers a relaxing atmosphere with our learning centers along Ali’i Drive. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced surfer, you can enroll in our essential surf lessons to help take you to the next skill levels. Furthermore, if you lack the proper equipment, make a quick stop at our local surf shop for essential and cost-effective board rentals services.


If you’re looking for an exotic site for all your surfing on the big island, Lyman’s is the place to visit. The site is considered a hotspot for all experienced surfers and is mainly known for its consistent left-breaking waves. Furthermore, the spot is popular among the locals boasting frequent activity during winter and summer. It is home to thrilling big swells and waves, making it a surfer’s delight irrespective of skill levels. However, the coral can feature sharp rocks, so avoid venturing too close to the reef.


Banyans beach is a favorite surfing hotspot for all locals and tourists and was voted among the top ten sites with the best waves in Hawaii by Freesurf Magazine. The area’s name originates from the local hotel that resides within the famous surf spot. If you’re seeking an excellent place to surf, come down to Banyans. On any given day, you can experience breathtaking reef breaks toward the right. Moreover, it’s a welcoming area for all surfers to enjoy the seamlessly smooth waves or to enhance their skill levels.

Kohanaiki Beach

Kohanaiki beach, commonly known as Pine Tree Beach, is an exotic region in Kailua Kona. It’s a well-known surfing hotspot with fantastic surf breaks and extreme water sports for all family and friends to enjoy. Furthermore, the region is open during the summer and winter seasons, allowing one to surf at their discretion.

Like many tourist regions, Kohanaiki features a majority of nearby amenities, such as surf shops, restaurants, and residential real estate venues like hotels and inns. For those seeking to improve their surfing skill levels, or perhaps you lack the proper equipment to indulge in water sporting fun, we welcome you to our store located along Ali’i Drive in Kailua Kona. Pay us a visit for all your general surfing, snorkeling, and paddling needs.

Get the Surfing Lessons You Deserve

Kailua Kona is a beautiful region that offers water sport enthusiasts the opportunity to catch some of the best wave breaks on the big island. Whether you’re a first-time surfer or a seasoned enthusiast, there’s something for everyone regardless of the skill levels. For professional surf lessons, water sporting equipment rentals, or swimming gear, we have just what you need to make the most of your time here in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

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