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Safety Tips When Snorkeling Kona’s Coral Reefs

Exploring the Coral Reefs of Kona Hawaii

Snorkeling the Coral Reefs of Kona Hawaii

The coral reefs of Hawaii’s Kona Coast are among the most beautiful in the world and snorkeling is an excellent way to explore this underwater paradise. Due to the fragile nature of coral reefs, snorkelers should practice extreme caution not to disturb this underwater habitat. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure our coral reefs in Kona, Hawaii remain safe and healthy for years to come.

  1. Enter and exit the water in sandy areas where there is no coral.

  2. Look but don’t touch. Oils from our fingers and hands can kill living coral.

  3. Never stand on the coral. Coral reefs are extremely fragile and can break easily. Since coral reef grows very slowly (some, less than an inch a year) we must be very gentle when exploring coral reefs.

  4. Coral reef can be very sharp so keep a safe distance away from it.

  5. When snorkeling over reef it’s important to use fins so your body stays horizontal above the bottom. Be careful not to kick the coral with your fins.

  6. Never remove coral from the water.

  7. Swim slowly, relax and enjoy watching all the reef creatures.

  8. Always keep a safe distance away from marine life, especially sea turtles.

  9. Use a Reef Safe sunscreen when snorkeling in areas where coral reef is present. Harmful elements from non reef safe sunscreens can wash off the body and cover coral heads eventually causing them to die.

  10. Make sure that you throw away all of your trash. Rubbish that washes into the water can get stuck in the coral or be eaten by sea life.

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2 Responses to "Safety Tips When Snorkeling Kona’s Coral Reefs"

  1. Patrick says:

    What is a good safe distance to stay away from sea turtles? Also, what might happen if you get too close?

    • Kahaluubaysurf says:

      Aloha Patrick,

      The sea turtles are an endangered species and protected by federal and state law so you MUST stay at least 10 feet from them at all times. If the turtles come up to you that is fine but you must not chase, harass or touch them at any point.

      Mahalo for your question!

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