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How to Attach and Wear a Surfboard Leash

Leash rope on tail of surfboard

Before attaching your leash, make sure the leash rope is fastened securely.

The surfboard leash is attached to a leash rope which is attached to the leash plug which is located on the tail of the surfboard. The first step when installing a surfboard leash is to attach a leash rope. The leash rope should be only long enough for the leashes Velcro to slide through. If the leash rope is too long, it can cut through the tail of the surfboard on a big wipeout.

Once the leash rope is attached, run the leash strap through the leash rope and make sure that the Velcro strap is fasten securely.

How to Wear a Surfboard Leash

The surfboard leash is worn around the ankle of a surfers back foot or leg closest to the tail of the surfboard. While the leash has always been one of the most uncomfortable parts of surfing, it is a must for beginner and most intermediate surfers. However, if worn properly, the leash is hardly noticeable when surfing.

Surfboard leash around the ankle

Attach the surfboard leash low around the ankle of your back foot. Make sure that the leash cord is pointing away from your body.

1. Inspect the leash to make sure there are no knots in the leash cord. Leaving a surfboard leash knotted will cause it to break under high stress.

2. Strap the leash as far down on your ankle as you can. If strapped on too high it can slide down and spin around your ankle causing you to trip over the leash.

3. Fasten the leash around your ankle securely. If the leash spins around the ankle then it is not tight enough. The Velcro strap should be lined up on both sides for the strongest hold.

4. Make sure that the leash cord is facing outside of the ankle and towards the back. This will prevent you from getting your other foot caught in the leash when trying to pop up.

When wearing a calf longboard leash, remember to attach the strap around the upper part of the calf wear it begins to get narrow again. This will ensure that the leash strap does not slide down the calf.

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