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How to Avoid Getting Sunburned while Surfing

How to avoid getting sunburned while surfing

Surfing without wearing sunscreen can result in a very painful sunburn.

Getting sunburned while surfing is easy to do if you are not careful.

The suns reflection off of the water’s surface causes increased exposure the harmful UV rays which can result in sunburn. The most common parts of the body that get sunburned while surfing are the back of the calves and the face. However you can still get sunburned on just about any part of the body that is exposed to the sun. Wearing sunscreen and physical protectors while surfing is very important and knowing how to properly apply is a must in order to avoid sunburn.

To work effectively, sunscreen should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to entering the water. We suggest that surf lesson students apply sunscreen before leaving their hotel or condo which will give the sunscreen enough time to set in. Sunscreen that is not allowed enough time to set in will wash off quickly in the water or rub off on the surfboard making it very slippery.

Shiseido to avoid getting sunburned while surfing

Shiseido is the best sun protection for surifng. It is highly water resistant and non-toxic to the Kona reefs.

There are many different options for sunscreen but we feel the best sunscreen for any ocean recreation is Shiseido. It is highly water resistant and non-toxic to the Kahalu’u coral reef.

Physical protectors such as hats and long sleeve rashguards will also help to lessen the exposure to the sun as well. We provide all of our surf lesson students with SPF long-sleeved rash guards to protect them from getting sunburned while surfing. Mesh or (trucker hats) float so they make a great option to protect your self from the sun and easy to recover if it falls off during a wipeout.

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