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5 Reasons to take a Surf Lesson in Kona, Hawaii

There are many places around the world to take a surf lesson, however not all surf spots are created equal. Here are the top 5 reasons to take a surf lesson in Kona, Hawaii.

1. Good Waves

Couple taking a surf lesson in Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii is home to some of the best waves in the world for surfing. No matter which island you are on, you are guaranteed to find some good surf somewhere. This is because most of the waves in Hawaii are reef breaks, meaning that the wave breaks over a reef or rocky bottom. Since the bottom does not change, the wave is the same almost every time. For those learning how to surf, this is a very good thing. Surfers can practice on the same type of wave over and over again until they get comfortable catching and standing up on a wave. Kahaluu Bay in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii is the best spot to learn how to surf. The waves break in a protected bay and roll slowly over a medium depth reef bottom. On a good day, surf lesson students can catch and ride a wave over 100 yards before laying down gracefully on their surfboard. Sometimes they don’t even get their hair wet, which some might say is a bad thing since the wipeout is all part of the surfing experience.

2. Warm Water

Warm water waves breaking in Hawaii

Hawaii has some of the warmest water for surfing year round, ranging anywhere from 72 to 76 degrees on any given day. Learning to surf in warm water is great for many reasons. The best reason is that you do not have to wear a wetsuit to keep you warm. Wetsuits can be very constricting and hard to paddle in. Learning to surf in just a bikini or surf trunks is by far the best way to experience surfing for the first time. Taking a surf lesson in Kona, Hawaii is also great because when you wipeout you fall into warm refreshing water. A wipeout is when a surfer falls off of the surfboard into the water. When you are learning to surf, you are going to wipe out a lot. Heck, the wipeout is usually the first maneuver any beginner surfer masters. Learning to surf can be tough and surfing in icey cold water can shorten you surf session making your journey to a pro surfer that much longer. Kids who take surf lessons in Kona, Hawaii usually have a better time and progress more since they do not get cold as quickly allowing them to stay in the water longer.

3. Beautiful Scenery

view of bay in hawaii

Surf lessons in Kona, Hawaii are not all about catching waves and shredding the gnar. You are going to do quite a bit of sitting on your surfboard and waiting for waves to come your way. Since you can not control the waves, there is no better place wait for waves than in Hawaii. As you sit up on your surfboard waiting for waves you can take in the beautiful scenery. Hawaii is home to some of the best water quality in the world. You can see tropical fish swimming in the crystal clear waters below your surfboard. For those who learn to surf in Kona, Hawaii, you can enjoy pods of wild spinner dolphins jumping and flipping just for you. In the winter months you might even spot a breaching humpback whale. The view of the island is something that only surfers can really appreciate. As you wait for waves, you enjoy the mountainous terrain and tropical landscape that you only see in the magazines. The beauty is so surreal that you almost have to pinch yourself to make sure you aren’t dreaming. The lack of high rise buildings and overdeveloped shorelines make taking surf lessons in Kona, Hawaii so much more appealing than anywhere else in the world.

4. The Birthplace of Surfing

picture of Hawaiians surfing on top of a wave

Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing and a way of life for many Hawaiians. For hundreds of years, locals have been brought up learning what is considered to be the “sport of kings”. There is no better way to enjoy the true island spirit of Hawaii, than to take surf lessons in the birthplace of surfing itself. There is a powerful connection between the ocean and surfers which can only be felt by riding on top of a wave. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, when in Hawaii, GO SURFING!

5. Tons of Aloha

Surf Lesson on the Big Island

Hawaii is home to the Aloha spirit which is plentiful in the waters of Kahaluu Bay. As you paddle out for your first time surfing, you won’t see anyone giving you stink eye or telling you to go back into shore. You will only see friendly smiles and a whole lot of shakas. The surfing community is close with one another and always eager to help those in need. Big Island surfers are happy to give a wave to you if you haven’t caught one in a while and don’t mind a little party wave action now and then. As long as you are respectful and smile you will be welcome with open arms and make many friends while learning to surf.

For some, taking a surf lesson is just something to cross off their bucket list, while for others it is the start of a life long journey. No matter what reason you have for learning to surf, there is no better place to start than with us in beautiful Kona, Hawaii. We offer surf lessons in Kona, Hawaii three times daily. All of our surf lessons are 2 hours long and include everything you need to catch your first wave!

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