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MAGIC SANDS, La’aloa Beach Park

La’aloa Beach Park, is one of the most populated beaches in Kona. It goes by several different names including “Magic Sands”, “White Sands”, and “Disappearing Sands”. In the winter time, all of the sand at La’aloa is pulled off the beach and La’aloa becomes a rocky coastline. In the summer time when the sand covers the rocks at this small beach, sunbathers, body boarders and snorkelers frequent here in droves.

When the surf is up in the Big Island, this is a really good spot to body board and body surf. The shore break here can be very powerful and dangerous even on a small day, so never turn your back to the ocean. Due to the high popularity of the beach, a lifeguard is on duty here year round. There is a really good Big Island surf break to the south of the La’aloa that breaks over a very sharp and shallow reef. Only advanced surfers should paddle out at this surf break.

Facilities include showers, public restrooms and a small amount of public parking. There is a small parking lot across the street from La’aloa, where people will park when it gets really busy.

La’aloa beach park is located just north of mile marker 4 on Ali’i Drive.

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