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Honokohau Beach is part of the Honokoau National Park. This Big Island beach is tucked behind the Honokohau Harbor and a perfect place for surfers, snorkelers and sunbathers.

Surfing and Snorkeling at Honokohau in Kona

The surf break here is  about 200 yards North of the harbor entrance. It gets really good surf almost all year round and usually picks up swell coming from just about every direction. The ocean bottom is very shallow and rocky here. Only skilled surfers should go out here without a surf guide. This Big Island surf spot is located next to the harbor so it’s not uncommon to see tiger sharks in this area waiting to eat the scraps from the fishing boats.

On the south end of Honokohau Beach, there is a small reef that shelters part of the beach from strong currents and waves. The clear blue-green water makes this is a perfect spot for snorkeling. We have seen some really big sea turtles in this area before. There is a huge heiau (ancient site) made of palm fronds that provides tons of shade throughout the day.

How to get to Honokohau Beach

Honokohau Beach can be accessed several ways. The easiest is  through the Honokohau Harbor entrance. Take the first right and follow the Shoreline Access signs around the back of the harbor to the designated parking area. A small, dirt walking trail is found through a small gate and the path leads to the beach.

The second route is through the Honokohau National Park entrance. This is the shortest way to get to the surf break. You have to park your car and then walk about 12 minutes south on a lava rock trail. Its a bit of a hike, especially if you have to carry a bigger surfboard, but its usually worth the walk. The Harbor, the name of the surf break, picks up surf from just about every swell direction making it the most reliable surf spot for waves on the west side of the Big Island.

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